Apr 28, 2009, 05:11 PM
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pianotuner - over 5 years ago

@mr_bizza, fuck what else?


__Mr_Bizza - almost 7 years ago

But what can you do with a water based lubricant that's more fun than snooker, Stephen?


JfB - over 8 years ago

Just heard that you are guesting on Radio 5 with Simon Mayo tomorrow! Must be worth a boo I'm sure. You'll be allowed to send tweets though! Any chance of a 'follow'? Pleeeassse!


jillh10 - over 8 years ago

LMFAO ok whatever


Mudhooks - over 8 years ago

Oh, by all means, Jillh, make this MORE of a panic... It is called Swine Flu because it is initially transmitted virally through contact with live pig or pigs. To be more precise, it is an avian flu which initially is transmitted to pigs and then to a human host. Unlike the avian flu of a number of years ago, this is not a rampant viral infection passed through thousands of animals. Rather, it could have been one or two pigs who came in contact with the virus and passed it to a single human. It is the virus itself that mutates within humans to become the more virulent form. It is not "man made". And it is different strains because the different strains came about as they mutated through various populations. It might help to actually read some facts before posting utter nonsense.


jillh10 - over 8 years ago

its a conspiracy and probably leaked from some secret military lab, havent heard of any pigs getting its made up of 3 different strains of viruses global conspiracy like 911 and the london bombings its all man made