Here are the questions for the Febooary Challenge

Jan 31, 2013, 03:48 PM, United Kingdom

Febooary Challenge

Febooary, the month where Audioboo users record a boo for every day of the month is back by popular demand!

We have built a list of questions, all based on historical events that happened on each day in February.

All you have to do is answer them in your own way.

It can, of course, lead on to a entirely different train of thought, which is good.

If you have something different or better to say - then say it! We love to listen.

Remember to tag your boos #febooary and most importantly have fun.

1) Freedom Day USA  - When have you felt most free?

2) Groundhog Day  - What sort of day would be the worst to repeat over and over again?

3) The Day the Music Died. The tragic plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valance and the Big Bopper happened on Feb 3rd 1959. Immortalised by Don McLean in American Pie, do you remember it?

4) Rosa Parks Birthday. One brave woman symbolised defiance of inequality with quiet dignity. Has Obama's America come all the way to race equality now?

5) National Weather Persons Day. Why are we so obsessed with the weather and those that deliver it?

6)Witangi day. On this day in 1840 New Zealand signed this treaty, a founding document of the country. Did the English give the Maori a fair deal?

7) Humanist, Philosopher, Lawyer, Author, Sir Thomas Moore's Birthday 1478. He coined the word "Utopia". What's your idea of utopia?

....More questions from the 8th Feb :)

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goldmourn - over 3 years ago

Thanks, sm2n! whew!


sm2n - over 3 years ago

It's not possible to do it wrong, Goldmourn. You do what you like, you don't need to follow the suggested questions. This boo is for last year. For the 2014 questions please see @sawyergb on Twitter.


goldmourn - over 3 years ago

Oh! I didn't realize there were specific questions for the challenge - I happened upon it through the Twitter hashtag and thought it was just about "recording the sounds of your life" - oops! I've done it wrong.


AudioAmanda - over 4 years ago

Hey everyone: We've edited this post so you get the questions 7 days at a time. Thanks for engaging - can't wait to hear your boos. :)


sm2n - over 4 years ago

Cool, thanks Delores. I can only see 8 bullet points, but I think numbering will help. Is the full list of 21 available somewhere?


Delores - over 4 years ago

Written in the description. I'll number them