Dessert Lionel Discs. Episode One: Natalie Ireland

Feb 11, 2013, 03:47 PM

Lionel is a VW campervan but inspired by the words and works of Carl Sagan, Lionel is The Spaceship of Our Imagination.

He likes to take people to the edge of the known universe but before they go, we like to chat to them about music, life and science while we share a delicious pudding.

This is Dessert Lionel Discs, Episode One.

Please note: this podcast is now archived. If you’d like to hear any of the archived episodes, please email us.

Natalie Ireland joins Andrew Glester in Lionel for one last dessert before her big trip and hopes to be back in time for the Manchester Science Festival, of which she is the Director.

Happily, Lionel is a Time and Space machine so no worries there.

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Show notes

Natalie Ireland is the Director of Manchester Science Festival.

Natalie was talking to Andrew Glester, Director of Sound of Science and the Producer/Director of Polar and

You can see more about the Super K Sonic Booooooum which Natalie and Andrew talk about here.

Spoiler alert – If you don’t want to know Natalie’s choices yet, please stop reading now.

Natalie chose:

The Masterplan by Oasis Word Gets Around by Stereophonics Blue For You by Nina Simone Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow Buena Vista Social Club by Buena Vista Social Club

Natalie and Andrew shared a Melt in the MIddle Chocolate Pudding.

You see what Lionel had to say on his twitter account.