Mix 96 (Aylesbury) Launch: April 15th 1994

Feb 16, 2013, 06:20 PM

I forgot I ‘launched’ this! In a sense, at least. My old friend, the talented Keri Jones asked me to voice some typically poetic words for the launch. I think they were recorded in a quiet night in a Lincs FM studio.

I never heard it ‘in situ’ until I loaded this Boo. Cheers for the compression, Keri. Hides a multitude of my sins.

Mix 96 came on air in 1994 from Aylesbury with 'Bucks Best Music'. Just like Radio Nottingham in 1968, the Town Crier helped do the honours. But they did not have DLT.

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nickleach1 - about 4 years ago

DLT's bits were recorded after one of his networked Sunday morning shows from Chiltern's studios in Dunstable. I was nervous for weeks of the wrath of Colin Mason (Chiltern's MD and my big boss at the time) if he were to find out that I'd allowed the studios to be used for the launch of a local rival. I'm not sure he knows to this day!