A chat about charity with my eight year old

Mar 17, 2013, 09:20 PM

So today I was confined to bed and Cathal our 8 year old was in and out of the room as I was watching Live Aid.

He came in at the point were they were showing scenes about the suffering children and of course I had to explain what was being done and why.

He asked if people could still send money to the children he was looking at on the DVD and I said not exactly but there are always lots of children and families who need help around the world.

We have been putting money in the trocaire box during Lent so off he went to get it and proceeded to fill it up to the top with coins that we all drop into the coin jar.

As he was filling it, this is the conversation that ensued. This was all spontaneous and in no way rehearsed........ he comes out with some gems.

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