Trent 945 - Test

Episode 718,  May 12, 2013, 11:37 AM

Radio Trent (Nottingham)'s franchise area was extended to Derbyshire, given, in a tough climate, the regulator felt a 'small' area like Derbyshire could not support its own station. So a new 'Trent 945' in Derby was launched on 3rd March 1987 to complement 'Trent 999' in Nottingham. This was also effectively one of the first 'brand extensions'.

In those days, 'imaging' as a department did not exist in commercial radio, although most sensible stations were beginning to think about the 'imaging' issue; rather than just 'trails for programmes'.

Looking back, this test sounds kinda slick! Some nice jingle segues - albeit the songs are clearly chosen as turntable favourites! I had more than a passing influence in all this indulgent 945 launch stuff , which is why I appear to have kept it on a 10.5 inch spool in my cupboard for twenty years. It's now in the bin.

For the real techno-anoraks, enjoy the pic as the treasured original 1975 Neve desk is installed in its new Derby home. That desk was my favourite ever. A sound to die for, although one had to lift the faders to 'prefade' ('solo') which was truly odd.