Stop Violence against Women

May 16, 2013, 09:33 AM

Violence against women is still a big issue in Nepal. These incidences are mostly coming from terai areas (south Nepal) where the problem is due to the life with the family in laws, the love stories who aren’t accepted, the dowry system, witchcraft, son preferences ...

This situation is unacceptable that’s why BVS Nepal wants to take this opportunity to fight against domestic violence thru a radio prevention message. Women need to get their rights and fight for it. Men need to understand that they’re not able to do anything they want.

With a simple radio message, we want that the population realize that violence against women is a crime against human rights.

We want to give them awareness to unite to stop violence against women. Here is the translation of it:

To stop Violence against women Let's come together for collective action In city also there is high rate of crime So let raise a voice and join hand together to end such violence Mental and physical tortures are both against human rights Giving torture by burning someone is a hideous crime