2013 Ashden Awards Podcast #1 - UK Cleantech

May 29, 2013, 10:22 AM

For the first in a series of podcasts about the 2013 Ashden Awards, we shine a spotlight on some of the cleantech businesses that have been selected as finalists in the UK Ashden Awards category. Linked by a passion for smart energy, these innovative British companies are pioneering new ways for businesses and public sector organisations to run their buildings and operations more efficiently.

• Shaun Fitzgerald, CEO of Breathing Buildings, describes how his company has cracked the problem of cold draughts with a method that uses half the energy of existing solutions.

• Yoav Zingher explains how his company KiWi Power is making it pay for businesses to turn down their power during spikes in energy demand.

• Nick Hopper, Technical Director of Monodraught, introduces the innovative low-energy natural cooling and ventilation system COOL-PHASE®, which helps reduce the running costs of commercial buildings.

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