Rory Morrison - Tribute

Jun 16, 2013, 07:38 PM

Rory Morrison began at Beacon Radio in Wolverhampton as a travel reporter known as ‘Fonzy’. Off then to the BBC Radio Leeds hosting daytime shows; and to BBC Radio York and the early shift on BBC Radio Cleveland. BFBS was Rory’s next home, before sliding into BBC Radio 4, moving through a succession of famous programmes before joining the newsreading team. His voice is instantly recognisable to any Radio 4 listener.

In 2004, Rory was diagnosed with a rare type of Lymphoma. After a period of remission, he died in June 2013. He is fondly remembered by colleagues.

Hear here a selection of Rory’s work. His perfect, calm delivery of news; his mischievous work with a softee story; a contribution to the News Quiz; a papers review on the Today programme; and a final piece from the fundraising event 'Pilgrimage To The Pips'. Hear too, at the outset, a name check jingle and some early work at Beacon Radio.