Team Rock Radio - Launch

Jun 16, 2013, 11:00 PM

The station describes itself as “a group of rock music fans that got fed up with the traditional way that rock music media has been delivered to the most important people out there - the fans!”.

Team Rock , based in Glasgow, and owned by Team Rock Limited, the new owner of Classic Rock and Metal Hammer magazines, is operated by a team headed by John Myers and Billy Anderson. The station launched at just before midnight on 16th June 2013, broadcasting online and nationally via DAB on the Digital One multiplex. The station stated, at launch, its intention was to reap revenues in non-traditional ways, dismissing the ad spot as being ‘outdated’.

The name, one imagines, owes much the John Myers’ catch phrase ‘team’, which he has affectionately always used to denote any male/s he is talking to, whether singular or plural. There is no truth in the rumour he is to launch a sister station calling Darlin'.

A poetic launch too, thanks to Corey Taylor.

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