Jo & Twiggy start - and Twiggy end

Jun 22, 2013, 03:46 PM

Really long-running breakfast shows are few and far between. For every Moyles, there’s a Steve Wright. For every Wogan, there’s a Ken Bruce. Nothing wrong with Wright and Bruce, of course, they’ve done excellently; it’s just that breakfast is a peculiar animal. It suits some and not others. When an act works, it tends to stay in situ for some years.

Wogan and Moyles’s tenure on BBC breakfasts are well known. In the commercial sector, Tarrant on Capital and Les Ross on BRMB are long-running examples. More recent ones include: Hirsty’s Daily Dose in Yorkshire, having just hit its tenth anniversary; Foxy in London on eight years; and almost ten years for Ferrari on LBC.

That’s why the Nottingham show is pretty special (Trent/Capital). Andy 'Twiggy' Twigg first appeared with Jo Russell as ‘Jo & Twiggy’ in 1998; and then with Emma Caldwell from 2008 until 2013. The show won more awards in its time than just about any other non-London station. With Jo’s reign being ten years, that alone places it in the record books, with Twiggy’s tenure being a crazy fifteen years, almost half the station's life.

Here, hear the show begin in 1998; and Twiggy’s farewell in 2013, having swapped partners and brands along the way.