125: Gerry Daly, Irish Garden Magazine

Jul 19, 2013, 02:13 PM

This week Peter Donegan talks to one of the best know people in horticulture in Ireland, Gerry Daly. Gerry has been the editor of The Irish Garden magazine since 1991 and has also established an online version of the magazine Garden.ie. Gerry shares his thoughts and insight to an industry he has been at the helm since the early 80′s.

This week we also head back to to Kildare and hear from the brilliant David Corscadden who talks about the great sunshine we have at the moment and the work it is creating for gardeners. He also tells us about a recent trip to the Botanic Gardens and his search for garden inspiration. All that, so much only on Ireland’s only [and award winning] garden radio show, The Sodshow.

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