Conversations with The Perverted Negress Episode 9D

Jul 22, 2013, 11:53 AM

Transparency and opacity online. Doe the "Walled Garden " of Fetlife keep people from sharing their process in a broader context?

Is it safe for sadists and dominant types to bare their shit to the public? Especially when their words could very well leave all kinds of evidence against 'em?

I talk about some of the risks of personal transparency, sharing my own personal journey has put me in the crosshairs...and still does.

I squick J.P.'s genitals, and we riff and jaw a bit abut the next big thing, courtesy of my weird brain: SUB JENGA! My Angry Birds ignorance is revealed (there's a Star Wars Angry Birds?!)

Discussions on how a mutual desire for transparency and openness can foster transparency and, subsequently, emotional intimacy and validation. Which is teh awesome!

Intimacy isn't always obvious: the outside world can't really have a transparent window into the intimacies of a relationship when all they can see is the play and the protocol...

...aaaand then you guessed it, time to Sad Trombone out of this installment! Tomorrow is the last bit of tastiness in this six-part brainmeat extravaganza on intimacy!