Conversations with The Perverted Negress Episode 9E

Jul 24, 2013, 07:50 AM

And here it is! Segment six of the EPIC series on transparency! You probably wanna roll back to Episode 9, and then listen to 9A, 9B, 9C and 9D. Or just go back and listen to 'em all. You can still be a way cool early adopter, yo!

Transparency! Yeah, sometimes, you are transparent where you absolutely are being honest and sincere just wasn't the right damn thing to say, yo. We talk about how transparency can indeed leave you vulnerable but how wonderful it is when having that shared recognition of vulnerability can compel us to even deeper trusting and forge amazing bonds.

And of course, the lexicographical trainwreck continues! No, iconify isn't the word you were looking for either, J.P. unless you meant making someone into a little symbol for the interwebs.

Also not a word? Latitudinism.

And though it took two instalments,he finally realized idealization of a partner was the thing we are talking about. And yeah, the word I was struggling to come up with is archetype. Derp!

America's Next Top Fetish? Gaffers: the Next Big Thing in the dungeons of 'merica, yo.

I talk about why your resume might be an excellent tool in your power-exchange relationships. J.P. suggests that power exchange dynamics might be uniquely suited to turn the dominant paradigm on its head by actually using power for good. WHUT WHUT!! For real, yo. What if we explore PE as a way to intrinsically improve / uplift our partners? How badass is it when these relationships are exclusively geared toward betterment?

I'll tell you what happens. Daft Punk gets stuck in my head.