About Obama - A Master Jedi?

Aug 25, 2013, 08:49 AM

I don't support the NSA. I don't support violence. I don't support letting Wall Street criminals go free. I don't support allowing crooked politicians remaining in office.

But I support Barak Obama. I see his heart. He is authentic and good. This is my opinion. He has a very tricky presidency and he has forces above him and around him that do not have the best agenda for humanity. These agendas have been around for some time and he cannot just go in and start changing things. That's not how it works and if he did that he would be removed from office by those who have dark intent. But Obama is treading lightly. He is playing his cards wisely like a master Jedi. And despite my opposition to many agendas he has my support. That could change but it can change back too. I am free to flip flop.

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