Buying Bananas

Jul 30, 2010, 03:36 PM, Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland
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bulldozia - almost 7 years ago

I hadn't meant to confute expectations, so your comment in turn made me laugh too. Cheers!


brummig - almost 7 years ago

Heh - I pressed play before reading the comments and was expecting a Glaswegian accent and the sounds of a market. I got quite a surprise - and a laugh.


abeattie23 - about 7 years ago

it is very interesting............i still like a person to deal with me in the shops call me old fashioned


soundmap - about 7 years ago

Nice stereo image there, thank you!


bulldozia - about 7 years ago

Paying for two bananas at the self-service checkout in Tesco. Recorded Friday 30 July around 1.30pm.