KATE The Future QUEEN - Katie Nicholl/Bootcamp/Gorgeous Gossip How was your summer?

Sep 14, 2013, 08:22 AM

#Royals #podcast TIMINGS: Katie Nicholl on Kate 7.20 Bootcamp 30.20 Gorgeous Gossip

Author of the Week KATIE NICHOLL - KATE - THE FUTURE QUEEN Come on admit it you ARE interested in the Royals. Well why not? Now they have a younger generation providing new intrigue and eye candy. Josephine talks candidly to Royal expert Katie Nichol who became a royal reporter after dancing the night away a decade ago in Boujis with the ever so fun Prince Harry. Katie has found out new revelations about Kate in this new book. www.katienicholl.com

DIETS ARE OUT- Get a Better Body in the Park Bree our very loyal presenter went to her local park and was put way out of her comfort zone by trilogybootcamp.com. Hear this hilarious interview and feel the pain. www.trilogybootcamp.com

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