Echoes Across the Astral Wastelands (speed up)

Aug 17, 2010, 05:06 PM
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<user-5006573> - 4 months ago

I appreciate this


Burkazoid - over 7 years ago

Photon Wave Orchestra was just something created on 4chan. A video appeared on youtube which had U-Smile slowed down 800% and made it sound like a pretty beautiful ambient track. People were saying it was a hoax so I sped it up (but keeping the pitch intact) to show otherwise, which is what this file is. "Echoes Across the Astral Wastelands" was the title given to it when it was uploaded to the bandcamp page of Photon Wave Orchestra - which was a hoax of sorts.

You can slow down any track yourself with any track and it works quite well for many. Example guide here:


Tamiflu - over 7 years ago

...what I really hear is Justin singing "You smile - I smell"


justin6300 - over 7 years ago

It's not? Hmm. I have to disagree. It clearly is U-Smile. So we're to believe that Photon Wave Orchestra's "Echoes Across the Astral Wastelands" sped up 800% is Justin Bieber's "U-Smile"? Could this be a hoax?


Wizzer10 - over 7 years ago

Not U-Smile