Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Audio-description, VocalEyes Podcast

Nov 01, 2013, 07:19 PM

In this VocalEyes Audio Podcast we take a look at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London focusing on the audio-described performances and other services that they offer for blind and partially sighted visitors.
Our Deputy Director Toby Davey met with David Bellwood, Communications Assistant at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre who looks after access at the Globe, to find out why they work with VocalEyes to provide access to their productions through audio-description. Toby also met with Debbie Olley a partially sighted theatre and drama enthusiast to find out what it is like going to an audio-described performance at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.
The Podcast starts with a description of the Globe by the Musician Alison Balsom who chose Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre as her London beyond Sight landmark. VocalEyes audio podcast produced by Toby Davey