Pharmacy: The Compassionate Profession

Nov 13, 2013, 11:47 PM, Southampton, England

Kazeem was listening to the BBC PM programme today (16/06/2009), when the legendary Eddie Mair reported on the campaign being organised by the quiet and retiring pharmacists. This is to do with one of our colleague receiving a suspended sentence for a dispensing error. This issue has excited a lot of passion amongst our colleagues and we are now seeking legislative changes (backed by the president of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain – RPSGB, Steve Churton). Raj Patel, a pharmacist interviewed in the report, described the view most of us feel as pharmacists about errors: ‘We don’t want to make mistakes, just very scary now to think that if I make mistake, I can be put away. That adds to the pressure we are already under.’

This piece was written in April 2009 by Kazeem Olalekan and describes why he feels Pharmacy is a compassionate profession.

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