Champagne Bar - Happy (six month) Anniversary

Nov 21, 2013, 12:00 AM

More from #Robert and me in the #StPancras #Station #Champagne bar on 12 October, starting with Robert wishing me a #happy #6month #anniversary and me taking his hand so I can make our Champagne #glasses go #ching. It’s a great #noise, as the drink left in the glasses #wobbles with the impact of the ching. We agree it’s a great way for a #blind or #VI couple to #clink glasses when saying #cheers and #laugh about how we both said we’d never get #together with someone blind.

near the start of the boo, we can still hear #piano from downstairs, including a song about a model. Although neither of us are sure who it’s by, we think @sm2n, who I refer to as#SoundhoundSimon, will know when he listens. A bit later, someone plays a song by Journey.

We hear various #announcements, including the one that reminds Robert of the Bishop of #London and an #InspectorSands one, which excites Robert, who explains what it means, relating the story of when he last heard one.

As Robert arranges which #restaurant we should eat our celebratory meal at, we hear the #general ambiance, including more piano from downstairs and the voices of people who have got off a #train from Paris in the background, as the #Eurostar #platform is on our left behind some glass.

While Robert phones the restaurant to make a reservation, I make a mess and he gets put on hold, showing me the bizarre music that’s played down the line, which we mimic when the call is finished. Then we pay the bill and I embarrass Robert by telling the waiter it’s our six month anniversary and we’re about to go for a meal at Angel.