Be kind


Dear Stranger,

We are brothers and sisters of the universe aren't we? We're from dust to dust - becoming ourselves aren't we.

We might dream differently, talk differently, listen with individual ears.

We might doodle & hum, belch & give thanks - in diverse melodies. But we are one aren't we?

Who am I to be kind to you? Who are you to be kind to me? We can stumble forward along riverbeds, boreens, cycle ways & bridle ways. And miss each other.

Easily done - life isn't all plain sailing.

But we have each other to lean on haven't we? There's none of us alone and many lonely.

When you're at war with yourself - I might not notice - unless a kind person taps me on the shoulder.

When I'm on top of the world - you might find me too high to reach - unless a stranger touches you with a little finger of love.

We're one aren't we? We sure come in different forms, wriggling around with our sorrows and blessings.

We wouldn't be any other way - sure we wouldn't?

Let's take each other as we find ourselves. Let's hold on fast to the human helix, to the light of our soulful being, to the end, to the resurrection of hearts that push the blood around and around these rugged rocks.

May our efforts to honour the kindness within - compose their own symphony. So we may sing our song of experience - our song of love - for the sake of all our tomorrows.

Thank you kind being for being here with me - you have nurtured my better side - you have made me smile.

Thank you very much. Go in peace.


#kindness #beingkind

Nov 27, 2013, 08:59 PM, Poulacurry South, Cork, Ireland
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