Rob & Chrissie - Last show on Heart East Anglia

Dec 20, 2013, 05:23 PM

It's easy to say that commercial radio names are not as well-known as BBC names. Maybe that's because breakfast is where most reputations are grown, and commercial radio breakfast shows are largely local. In some markets, though, the commercial breakfast talent truly is part of the fabric of life.

Rob Chandler began on what was Radio Broadland. The station became Heart in 2009. Rob worked on the 'station' for more than 30 years, 27 of which on the breakfast show. That's a long time. Rob had also been on Radio Orwell in his younger days, later known as SGR, which also morphed into the very same Heart.

Rob was joined by Chrissie Jackson in April 1999, and their tenure easily burst through that ten year barrier, with fourteen years gazing at each other over the desk.

Some last shows get angry. Others fail to mention the end. And some, like this in December 2013, are simply a lovely celebration of the years together and a fond farewell to listening friends. Great too that they were allowed to say their genuine farewells, and the valedictory audio was splashed across the website. Fitting, particularly, to hear references to those who grew from child to adult whilst the same familiar voices booming out the radio.

Farewell Rob - and Chrissie.