E18 - You Must Not Mention This Conversation

Jan 10, 2014, 08:55 PM, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England

January 2014

This month we take you exclusively behind the scenes

during filming of The Bletchley Circle, hearing from the

Producer, Standby Art Director & Bletchley Park Trust

staff who were cast as supporting actors, to safeguard

machines which belong to GCHQ.

We hear from Veteran Audrey Wind, whose story is

featured as a DVD extra, who was told when she was

recruited: “You must not mention this conversation to any

living person.” Years after the war, she was spotted by a

fellow alumnus of Bletchley Park & the secrecy they

shared caused all sorts of suspicion about their


This month’s Podcast also lets you in on the plans for

the fragile wooden huts being restored as part of the

£8m, Heritage Lottery Funded restoration, with details

of how their stories will be told.

Hear about how actors will bring Bletchley Park to life

with the Living History Project. Liv Spencer tells us

what she will be looking for during the auditions.

Picture ©mcfontaine

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