PostCrash Economics

Jan 13, 2014, 05:47 PM

Have just got round to posting this interview we did on BBC World Service's 'Weekend' programme back in November. We spoke to Catriona Watson, a third-year economics undergraduate at Manchester University and one of the original members of what's called the Post Crash Economics Society. A group of young economics students who are challenging their university lecturers and demanding a change in how they're being taught. They say they're only learning about one economic model and need more in order to tackle the real world - the interview only scratches the surface but it is an in interesting point, what are our young economists being taught and if they are not being taught enough then how are they meant to make sure we don't have another financial crash? Paul Henley presenting - 02nd November 2013 #postcrashecon #bbcworldservice #bbcweekend