Treat Yourself Natural – Make Your Own Beauty Products with Sof McVeigh

Jan 20, 2014, 08:29 AM

Don’t we all want to look good naturally? Sof McVeigh is a homeopath, gardener and keen herbalist she is also a mother and founder of The Homemade Company. Sof’s great friend called Kirsty Allsop has written the preface to this beautiful, inspiring and practical book. Sof tells us some extraordinarily easy potions, tinctures and creams which we can whip up in our kitchens without too much fuss. Sof swears by a nettle tincture to get your locks lustrous or the divine chocolate lip balm that you can lick off your own lips. Sof loves her garden and explains how you can grow simple herbs to keep you well and beautiful.

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