In which we answer THOSE questions

Sep 24, 2010, 01:06 AM
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steveg6i7 - almost 7 years ago

Er Darklord, std greetings... but point of order.... twasn't BAG straight to slap my top... you missed out
SCOF , Swirling Cesspool Of Filth, O Me Goblins, which for a reason that escapes me was just an anagram of Mel Gibson... then we get back to Slap My Top, I think... although there may have been others... but I was on lates for many years!

Lovely to hear the Boos keep them coming... suggestions for the truck writing season... quite like 225, although a bit texty for me ( 4 me!)...not happy with NENE.... I'd be happy with "Love The Shoe" I have a picture of this slogan when we first got into shoe love and it was a grapihic <3 and a shoe with laces on the back door.... drew the usual funny comments , mind you got pretty good at drawing brogues!

Keep it up, love the Shoe, regards to The DL,

Steve G
Fisher Driver!


blancomeg - almost 7 years ago

Well, that explains all - its your fault the little dormouse needs so much sleep Alex, the poor lad can't keep up with you - no stamina these youngesters. The webcam obviously doesn't show us all that happens 225 (see the link there, eh) we need a complete video link during the shoe so we can see it all. On the other hand having heard Dr S's explanation of his dream, does he just want to sleep all the time to see if there is an even stranger second instalment.