The Sound of Mull

Jan 24, 2014, 03:57 PM

A sound poem created from oral histories about island identity, gaelic and the singing traditions of Mull, recorded by Helen Weinstein in collaboration with the choirs and singing inhabitants of Mull aged from 8 to 80s. All sounds are found sounds recorded by Helen Weinstein as artist in residence on the island and edited together as a co-creation with the community centre at the An Tobar Arts Centre. Participants included the Year 5s and gaelic choir at the local primary school,  the gaelic speakers in the care home for elders, the island musicians including all the community choirs on the island.  These recored sounds were then punctuated in some improv sessions with those who had contributed their voices so we could weave together a powerful art installation which had real meaning for the community from which it was derived, and rather than using photographs or film to llustrate, it was decided to focus just on co-creating a sound poem about the distinctive watery identity of Mull. This was played out in the locations where the recordings were made including the An Tobar arts centre, the care home community room, the primary school for a special assembly with parents and performers of gaelic songs, and the pubs on the waterfront! It was also broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the mainland, but special permission was given for the looped performances showing all the sound edits as art installations to celebrate our community engagement!