Childhood sports – what we got up to (9)

Feb 12, 2014, 12:55 PM
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jn2n - over 3 years ago

Thanks, Ian. Great picture -- I'm so glad you got to experience this and liked it. This was 'happiness' to me as a child. It's also still the one thing that spells 'summer' for me.


iankath - over 3 years ago

BTW. One of the things I love about the Germans is their casualness about being naked when swimming and in nature. So when I was in Potsdam we do as the Germans do (image is tasteful) with this photo taken by an elderly lady who had just finished swimming also naked.
Within context of the culture it's a complete no brainer to get your gear off and go for a dip on a hot summers day. :) Just wonderful.


iankath - over 3 years ago

I just looooooove these boos you do Jana. The juxtaposition of life between East Germany and the West are wonderful to hear from someone who grew up in it. We know so few people who lived through it and fewer who share.
Yes, it really is that valuable.


DaylightGambler - over 3 years ago

(my comment on your other boo might have been meant for this one! :))


syzygy - over 3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful boo - so much remembered! I can barely recall what happened last week... :D