AUDIO: Racism affecting health in First Nation peoples'

Feb 22, 2014, 12:18 AM

It's well known that Indigenous Australians have much lower life expectancy than other Australians, and have disproportionately high rates of diseases and other health problems.

The Social Determinants of Health Alliance is a group of Australian health, social services and public policy organisations.

It lobbies for action to reduce inequalities in the outcomes from health service delivery.

Chair of the Alliance, Martin Laverty, has no doubt racism sometimes comes into play when Indigenous Australians seek medical attention.

"When an Indigenous person is admitted to hospital, they face twice the risk of death through a coronary event than a non-Indigenous person and concerningly, Indigenous people when having a coronary event in hospital are 40 percent less likely to receive a stent* or a coronary angiplasty. The reason for this is that good intentions, institutional racism is resulting in Indigenous people not always receiving the care that they need from Australia's hospital system."

Romlie Mokak is the chief executive of the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association.

Mr Mokak says the burden of ill health is already greater amongst Indigenous people - but this isn't recognised when they go to access health services.