Is Strange Music Set For An Industry Takeover? - Our Exclusive Interview With Tech N9ne

Mar 03, 2014, 07:39 PM, United States

Strangeulation: it's way more than the title of Tech N9ne's upcoming collabos album.

Strangeulation is a bold statement: "We're here, we've been here and we're taking over. What you're doing now, we've been doing, and what you're not doing now, we're about to do." From the sound of the music to the way the business is running, Strange has been at the forefront of all it all and is going to continue to push the boundaries.

Tech N9ne, a bold leader of thought and action, sits alone in the newly-constructed Strangeland Studios and discusses how it feels to be the trendsetter behind the trendsetters, and where Strange is going to take it next.