The Inevitable

Oct 11, 2010, 03:45 PM, Hinckley, Leicestershire, England
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buddhamagnet - about 7 years ago

Hey man. When we strip it all away all we really have is family. The people that really leave their mark and make us who we are. And all the pain and emotion that goes with that is the fabric of life. Rachel's nan died a couple of years ago and she was a great woman and someone to measure life by. She is gone but her legacy lives on in all of us. She will never truly die. Because every day we put her values and lessons into practice.


documentally - about 7 years ago

Hi Otir. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I've had some lovely DM's both audio and text from some really amazing people.

You are certainly one of them.

I faltered over posting my audioboo as it was made after a good few tears, some of sadness some of frustration and recording my thoughts was really meant to be just cathartic. If i could have posted it as private or at the least without it tweeting i would have. I suppose a part of me hopes someone somewhere who really knows these feelings can also empathize.

Being the only one conscious in that house brought back so many memories. My whole family have passed through those rooms and with the eventual and inevitable passing of my Gran those walls and all those memories will be gone. So much life and death under one roof. Both my Mother, Grandfather, blood Father and Godmother are connected with that house. All dead now.

My Gran will be the last one really. And she was the keystone for all of us.

I got all embarrassed at the end when the neighbour walked in. I was certainly lost in a very emotional place that I am not willing to share in person. Talking to my phone seems ok. Strange really. Perhaps it's because I am aware of so many truly great human beings in my network. People I consider friends.

Still.. I seem to be able to shrug it off and carry on doing my best not to think about it. I just have to think about all the other stuff going on in the world. Not just sadness. The horror. It's not really going to cheer me up but at least it gives me some perspective.

As does remembering i have some pretty amazing people in my life.

Thank you.


devbod - about 7 years ago

A moving piece that speaks to hidden fears many of us have about our parents, let alone grandparents, as we and they get older. And so perhaps maybe ourselves too. Good wishes to you both.
PS: I suspect the GP may have been right about the risks of secondary infection if she went to hospital.


Otir - about 7 years ago

Thank you as always to share your deep intimate thoughts with us. I hope this is also helping you go through the anxiety of the moments. My prayers are for @granumentally to be healing from her UTI as fast as possible, and yes, this is not fatal if someone can make sure she takes the antibiotics as long and as regularly as supposed to be taken. Prayers for you too, that you keep on having strength and fortitude to go through until complete recovery. Your love and attitude is beautiful as always.