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Mar 07, 2014, 08:09 PM

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Using 抢 qiǎng: to fight over; to grab; to rob; to snatch

This verb can be used a multitude of ways, especially if 2 people are fighting over something or if you prefer holding up banks.

抢位子 wèi zi or 抢座位 zuò wèi - to grab a seat (fight for a seat)

抢银行 qiǎng yínháng - to rob a bank

抢东西 qiǎng dōngxi - to fight over or grab things

抢女人 qiǎng nǚ rén - to fight over a woman

Using: 就是 if you strongly agree with someone


传球 chuán qiú - pass (in soccer, basketball etc)

中锋 zhōng fēng - midfielder; center (basketball); center forward (hockey, football)

前锋 qián fēng - a forward, striker (sports, football)

后卫 后卫 hòu wèi - guard; backfield; fullback (sports)

裁判员 cái pàn yuán - referee

防守 fáng shǒu - to defend; to protect (against)

犯规 fàn guī - a foul (sports), to break the rules

篮板球 lán bǎn qiú - rebound (basketball)

篮板 lán bǎn - backboard

进攻 jìn gōng - to attack; to assault; to go on the offensive (also used in military)

灌篮 guàn lán - slam dunk

好球 hǎo qiú - (ball sports) good shot!; nice hit!; well played!

三分球 sān fēn qiú - Three pointer

上半场 shàng bàn chǎng - first half (of a game)

下半场 xià bàn chǎng - second half (of a game)

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