E20 - A Proud Moment

Mar 10, 2014, 02:19 AM

March 2014

Children’s TV presenters Dick & Dom came to Bletchley Park to film a programme about Alan Turing. Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom will be on CBBC on the 12th March. We caught a quick word with them between takes.

Battlefield History TV is making a fascinating documentary about the Bletchley Park story which will soon be available on DVD. We bring you a taste of what will be in the finished programme with Iain Standen interviewing Veteran Bombe Wren Sue Winn & Bletchley Park Historian Joel Greenberg talking about his new biography of Gordon Welchman, Bletchley Park’s Architect of Ultra Intelligence.

The official histories of Huts 3 & 6 were written shortly after the war was won by the actual people who worked in them during WW2. Historian & founding member of the Bletchley Park Trust, Peter Wescombe, gives an insight into the minds of ordinary men & women doing extraordinary jobs.

We take you back to February 1941 as actors brought the mansion to life with The Living History Project. The actress playing the Wren had a personal connection to the Bletchley Park story as her grandfather was a Bombe maintainer at Eastcote & Stanmore. Eric Hume came all the way from Devon to see her in action & we interview a proud grandfather.

Picture: ©mcfontaine

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