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Oct 14, 2010, 07:54 AM, Lambeth, London, United Kingdom
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__stemount - about 7 years ago

Even in the heart of MediaCityUK, BT only give me 300kB/s on ADSL2+ - the cloud is doomed! Thanks BT.


MarkJones - about 7 years ago

Fascinating boo. Do wonder about merit of claiming that Nick Clegg owes his position to the Reuters social media newsmaker work. While this is almost certainly true do wonder where it would leave us if, perish the thought, citizens find the coalition's decisions unpalatable?


markrock - about 7 years ago

Good boo guys. "Audioboo - a perfect example". Thank you Christian. Ilicco - our API maybe? May well be time to properly connect with Reuters Mobile...


cyberdoyle - about 7 years ago

great boo you two! right enjoyed it.
the future is coming.
take it from me, there is no decent connectivity round here, but looking forward to it coming one day.
I use giffgaff too, O2 is the only one that works to some extent here, but I use it to keep the phone working and use wifi. As you probably know I am not mobile, very much home based on the farm, but I admire the work you are doing, from afar. nice to hear you, to hear you nice. I remember the early interviews, I loved the taxicab one. You are trailblazers. Mobile journalists rock. You done good. Amplify.