Blindness and Vision

Mar 31, 2014, 08:48 PM, Brightwaters, NY, United States

Brief Audio Reflection "Blindness and Vision" on John 9: 1-41; The Fourth Sunday in Lent, Year A

How is your vision? When was the last time you had a checkup? Sure the input hitting your optic nerve may be 20/20… but what do you see? Do you see people in need as a nuisance? Or do you even see them at all? Is your day filled with opportunities to praise God and serve your neighbor? Or is it a blur… full of fuzzy intentions you’ll get to later?

Jesus has a cure for all our vision problems. He doesn’t want to give us glasses. He knows we’re careless. He knows we’ll take them off and forget where we left them. Jesus wants to give us a transplant. He wants us to see the world through his eyes… and what a vision it is. Through the eyes of Jesus there are no strangers. We are all beloved brothers and sisters. Through the eyes of Jesus we have a whole new perspective on routine frustrations and rude surprises. They become opportunities to give glory to God. Through the eyes of Jesus we see the big picture. We are not distracted and confused by petty details. We do not focus on temptation. Through the eyes of Jesus we see purpose and direction in our lives.

As long as we have the will to see, we will never be blind. In anger and resentment, in depression and despair… or in just plain lazy self-indulgence and boredom, Jesus offers us a far better vision of what life can be. He offers love and joy. He offers serenity and fullfilment. He offers eternal life. It’s all there for us to see. Just keep your eyes open. And keep looking towards the light.

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