90′s Woman by Rosie Wilby & World Enough and Time by Fluff Productions on Gorgeous Gossip

Apr 07, 2014, 10:16 AM

Gorgeous Gossip

Josephine goes it alone for her gossip – lonely much! But she’s joined via Donna by the cast and producer (Fluff Productions) of World Enough and Time, an era spanning play exploring women’s lives during politically volatile times currently playing at The Park Theatre.

Then Josephine had a bad phone line chat with stand up comic Rosie Wilby. 90′s Woman Rosie’s new show is a chance for her to share some excruciating memories of her student day as a writer on a feminist fanzine at York Uni. Rosie joined the group because she fancied the Editor. Rosie bravely found and interviewed the women and shares her findings with the audience. Rosie is now on a Spring tour of the UK with 90′s Woman – check out her website below to book tickets.





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