Chief meets Polish community in Radford

Nov 12, 2010, 01:02 PM
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nottspolice - almost 7 years ago

The Chief Constable’s opinion-gathering tour of Nottinghamshire continued on 9 November with a visit to speak with members of the Polish community in Nottingham.

Listen to the Chief and Dr Beata Polanowska talking about the visit and how the police and Polish community work together.

Julia Hodson attended a drop-in session at the charity Signpost to Polish Success, which provides services for Poles and other Eastern European migrants who have recently arrived in the UK.

She spent time at the Radford-based organisation chatting through the issues faced by this fast-growing community.

She said: “I love getting out and about, meeting people and the officers that work with them in their local communities.

“These trips give me first hand experience of what the public feels about the police service we are providing, as well as the issues they face.

“The over-arching response was that, generally, the Polish community in Nottingham feels confident in the police service.

“There were also issues raised about hate crime, what people understand it to be, and how they would report it.

“The other main, and very interesting issue discussed was about their understanding of British law and how it differs from Polish law.”

Dr Beata Polanowska, of SPS, who also edits the Polish newspaper East Midlands po Polsku, welcomed the visit from the Chief.

She said: “This was the first time members of our community have had a chance to meet with their Chief Constable.

“They got a chance to see the more positive face of Nottinghamshire Police, a Chief who comes to us, is friendly with us and is talking and joking with us.

“It’s made us realise that maybe we should be more aware of British law but that some crimes are committed not because people have bad intentions but because they do not know the local law and rules.

“I hope the people who were here have learned a few things and having had a chance to speak to the police, might question what they know and make more of an effort to find out more.”

Ms Hodson visited an elderly people’s brunch club in Mansfield last month and has spent time walking the beat in Harworth, where she also observed officers gathering evidence to try and secure a ‘crack house’closure.

She also visited young people in Rainworth, who are becoming more confident and self-disciplined through learning the martial art of Taekwon-do, a beat team’s surgery in Forest Fields and a Sikh temple in Sherwood Rise.

Other outings planned include experiencing the work of the county’s Drug Awareness Action Team and a visit to an indoor bowls club in Edwinstowe.

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