Laser 558 - Launch

May 21, 2014, 07:41 PM

Laser 558 was one of the last influential mass-market pirate stations to serve the UK. Its influence quickly helped to move a still traditional UK commercial sector towards a back-to-back music policy: "never more than a minute away from music. Until Laser, extended segues on UK radio were rare, as were female voices on slick music radio: Jessie Brandon on Laser became one of Laser's best known voices. Charlie Wolf's anarchic style was also another key influence.

The American-supported station launched in May 1984 from a ship called the MV Communicator, anchored in international waters in the North Sea. European laws, which had become more extensive by the eighties, sought to prevent the servicing of the ship. After its experience with Caroline and RNI, the British government was better equipped to monitor the Communicator's activities. The station closed on November 6th 1985.