#Malawi's President Joyce Banda alleges 'massive fraud'

The president of #Malawi, Joyce #Banda, has complained of massive fraud in this week's presidential and parliamentary elections. She said the rigging was so blatant that even a small child could see it. Mrs Banda's, who's running for re-election, said partial results showed that some candidates had won with more votes than the number of people registered at polling stations.

She spoke to #FocusonAfrica's Veronique Edwards.

May 22, 2014, 07:26 PM
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Menasi - over 3 years ago

Its not tru what mrs Joice saying. The malawians speeks for all dirty things she did. And she is lying that other parties are doing the same way she thinks. Remind her for cash gate, jet stealing, promising paradise but give people a big hell. She is scared of her own stupidity. We malawians, we can't toralet with those nonses. Its over for her. Imagine, she lose at her own home. How about other places. She must go and play whatever she think. Malawians spoke by their votes. No rigging, and she must go. We never chose her. She came on power after the death of Bingu. Shame to her