Reflecting on Ireland

Nov 17, 2010, 08:58 AM, Shutlanger, Towcester, United Kingdom
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150862 - almost 6 years ago

Speaking as a teacher I agree that smalltalk is important. It allows familiarisation with a strangers way of communicating and builds common ground,acceptancevand openess before deeper and challenging messages can be exchanged


mcwoods - over 6 years ago

Re King of Shaves and Communication - it is a really interesting position, it would be great to hear more about the differing communication styles and the impact on social media and how it is consumed.


documentally - almost 7 years ago

And you.. :) cheers. Hopefully we'll have longer to chat next time.


KrishnaDe - almost 7 years ago

Great top meet you in person at long last Christian.


markrock - almost 7 years ago

Like that. "The audience was king" (and queen, of course)


documentally - almost 7 years ago

Here is a link to the Landlord from the 'Hop Inn' videos..