Sky's dilemma. Should Wiggins go to the Tour?

Jun 03, 2014, 07:13 PM

There's one story dominating the cycling agenda this week. Should Team Sky select Bradley Wiggins for the Tour de France? Can the 2012 champion ride in support of last year's winner Chris Froome, or would Dave Brailsford be better off leaving Wiggins at home.

In this episode of The Cycling Podcast Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe look at all aspects of the dilemma and come to their own conclusion. Froome's newly-published book sheds more light in the breakdown in the relationship between the two riders and Brailsford, famously pragmatic about team selection issues, will surely pick the team he believes can best support Froome's bid to win the Tour.

They also look back at the Giro d'Italia, which was won by Colombia's Nairo Quintana and witnessed the emergence of Italian youngster Fabio Aru. The final mountain stage to Monte Zoncolan was marred slightly when a spectator gave a well-meaning but misguided push to Francesco Bongiorno, who ran into the back of Mick Rogers and lost his chance of glory. We ask what can be done to control the excesses of the hyped-up fans.

And in the final section, Richard talks about his new book Étape, which adds to the Tour de France's rich history by offering a fresh perspective on 20 memorable stages.

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elpatrone - over 3 years ago

The knighted one should be at the tour. Hands down. Why leave him out? Froome needs to humble and accept that a former tour winner is willing to work for him. Sky is falling apart.


lionelbirnie - over 3 years ago

Thanks Speedy12. Agree that the Tour would be even more entertaining if Wiggins was there.


speedy12 - over 3 years ago

Great discussion on Froome-Wiggins. Huge call for Brailsford. No Wiggins, and Cav losing systematically to Kittel could seriously dampen British interest in the sport at the time when it was supposed to be going to the next level. Shouldn't Brailsford be looking at the bigger picture? Froome doesn't quite do it for the British public even if he wins. But a Wiggins-Froome soap opera would be great entertainment, even (especially?) if it ended up handing the race to Contador.