Jarrolds Mill by Marcus Williams

Jun 10, 2014, 01:47 PM, Norwich, Norfolk, England

All recordings where made with a Tascam DR100 and consist of two pieces of modern and not so modern technology, there are a number of recordings of several automated teller machines and two recordings of a Original Heidelberg Cylinder 54cm x 72cm press (1950).

The Original Heidelberg Cylinder is now situated in the John Jarrold Printing Museum though was previously a part of the regular presses at Jarrold Printing. The mechanical sounding track was recorded with a contact microphone attached to the main casing of the press with the pumping sounding track recorded using the onboard omni condenser microphones.

The automated teller machines where recorded with a moving coil microphone as I wanted to record the circuit boards and electronic communications, hence the beeps/bleeps/scratchy result.

clip location map