Sea Point promenade - Memory version

Jun 11, 2014, 06:58 PM, Cape Town, WC, South Africa

Remix containing Cape Town field recordings from a sound art installation by Restive. The installation consists of 6 channels of audio (3x stereo) of several hours of field recordings made in and around CT, mixed together with other, purely sonic material. the material is roughly divided into 3 sections (3 playback devices); the first consists of field recording of man-made sounds (streetscapes, malls, etc), the second of 'natural' sounds (forest, water, etc) while the third is material taken from Restive's own catalogue of work. The 3 playback devices are of unequal length (roughly 3+, 4+ & 5+ hours individually) and are set to random playback, so at any point, a unique combination of the 3 elements is produced.

clip location map