1975 interview with Trent's first PD, Bob Snyder

Jun 21, 2014, 09:13 PM

A great insight into early commercial radio thinking is given here by this 1975 interview with the first Programme Controller of Radio Trent, Bob Snyder. His programming philosophy would stand up to contemporary scrutiny; and one can hear he is some way ahead from much of commercial radio thinking at the time.

Bob speaks of target audiences, cohesive music policies, and programming rather than programmes. He also has 'hived off' the obligatory talk in a segment of its own rather than interrupt the daytime music flow.

In the background, witness the bangs and thuds as the station's premises are completed. As in so many cases, the launch management team of this station was not to stay together too long, hardly surprising given the often contradictory interventions from all directions; from unions to Board members; from regulators to politicians; from the former BBC folk to those who claim to speak for audiences. These were troubled and complex times; which makes listening back to this hugely fascinating.

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