Time to 'ban the pram' from cafes?

Jun 26, 2014, 09:21 AM

Should buggys and prams be BANNED from local café's? Well - that's what's happened in a North Leeds venue...

Notices were put up advising parents using the cafe-bar to leave all pushchairs in the foyer "or outside".

The café are reported to have introduced the policy to keep customers safe as there were health and safety issue because people were carrying hot drinks and food to their tables - and staff couldn't move safely.

They had counted 13 prams on one occasion and were constantly worried someone would spill a hot drink over someone.

Should our venues adopt the same idea?

Is this an anti-parent strategy to please the yuppy laté sippers? Are pushy parent taking over?

Or a fair rule to protect patrons?

Commentator Antony Miller and mum Adrienne Peltz discuss