AudioBoo to WordPress and what happened to Podcasting

Dec 04, 2010, 01:13 AM
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shareski - almost 7 years ago

Thanks Cori,

It's funny how much audio and stories on audio seem suited for certain places. In my car or on a walk, I feel like more of a captive audience. Less chance to be distracted.


skbrowneyes - almost 7 years ago

Thanks for this boo, Dean.
Almost more than anything else, I love listening to stories. Ok, after my kid, story-ing is the best part of my world. I believe listening is the best way to connect-and I’m not going to chat that sharing verbally is so much easier than trying to wade through draft after draft of writing. Ok, I know, listening isn’t always easy. I squirm too, or fall asleep when all I’m offered in class is to listen. But plunk me outside, curled me up in my parent's sunroom, or where I was when I heard your boo, sit me in my car waiting for my daughter to finish practice, and I’m filled with joy. "Ooh, here’s Shareski here to share for a bit." I smiled as soon as I heard your voice.
It's like this, tomorrow my ELA 20 class shares The Glass Castle. I searched everywhere to borrow the audio book so that my class could hear the author's voice share the last gems of an amazing story. Because we've storied along with the author's recollections, the journey we've been on as a class has been difficult and joyful. But the power of memory will add yet another layer when the kids and I know, really know, Jeannette Walls and her story are real.
Isn't this the beauty of sitting down to tea? Isn’t this the beauty of reading to our kids before bed? Isn’t this the beauty of reading to our students or having our students conference with other kids a continent away?
I think Longfellow said it best, "And lend to the rhyme of the poet, the beauty of thy voice.”


markrock - almost 7 years ago

Glad you find it useful


johnjohnston - almost 7 years ago

Thanks for tagging your boo edutalk.
The edutalk project is trying to stimulate just the sort of off the cuff 'guerilla' you are talking about. Loosely run by a couple of Scottish educators with no axe to grind except sharing audio is good.