Kidd Kraddick - team tributes


Maybe owing to the fact that double acts and zoo formats are relatively new, in the context of the history of radio itself, few such shows have had to face the loss of one of their own.

When Kidd Kraddick died in 2013, aged just 53, his team had to carry on in the days and weeks to follow. The US show was established and huge, being carried in around 75 markets, so the task for those remaining was huge. They had both to continue with the show they’d built, and deal with their own personal feelings too.

Maybe it’s inappropriate to say this, but I reckon this excerpt from the day after Kidd’s death is a truly beautiful piece of radio. A great example of the medium’s great contrasts: the happiness and the sadness side by side. The delivery and timing impeccable. Its impact perfect. A tribute heartfelt.

Jul 09, 2014, 09:36 PM
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