Trent Show 1987 - David Lloyd

Episode 895,   Jul 11, 2014, 07:51 PM

February 1987. ILR was still very worthy, but maybe taking itself a little less seriously. Here's a mid morning show of mine from Trent. An interesting selection of music, and I am not awfully sure I was sticking to the format.

Witness the lengthy, worthy, yet useful, Careline community bulletins followed swiftly by lengthy news bulletins, read here by Mike Blair who has gone onto much bigger things in TV news. And a call which I am itching to edit, listening back now, but I am decades too late.

I'm not sure this would have been a profitable month for the mighty Trent, judging by the absence of proper commercials. A national Ariel washing powder one, voiced by the BBC's Jimmy Young; and a great TellyDisc ad voiced by Alan Freeman, which I know was a PI deal (where the client pays per item sold).