Down at the beach watching the world go by

Jul 20, 2014, 09:52 AM, Castell-Platja d'Aro, CT, Spain

I like to make recordings for the Audioboo while I am sitting in my car or maybe on one of the park benches having a break from work at the campsite by the beach. It can be quite interesting at times to sit there and watch the world go by, including some of our guests at the campsite. Today I talk about an old lady at the campsite who has a boyfriend who is actually ancient. He always looks completely unsteady on his feet and he looks like he might get blown over by the smallest gust of a wind. As I record this podcast they are out walking their dog called Boira which is the word in Catalan for fog.

There are groups of kids walking around on the beach and I talk about how I find it interesting to watch how individuals operate within a group of people. I prefer to interact in smaller groups of people rather than larger groups were I find that nobody really gets to do anything that they want to do. To a certain extent people in large groups are like sheep that will follow around the dominant person in the group who chooses and decides for everybody else. I think I must be more of an individual for me to be able to bear that type of group arrangement.